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Despite four million health apps being downloaded every day, with more than 325,000 to choose from, it’s hard for the best apps to be spotted by consumers, health professionals or national health bodies.

ORCHA is the World’s leading health app evaluation and advisor organisation. We help governments, health and social care organisations to choose and deliver health apps that will safely make the biggest impact in terms of improving outcomes. Our tools help health professionals to prescribe and monitor usage of health apps. They’re proven to increase take-up and self-management of conditions.

Passionate about good apps, we provide a range of services to help app developers create better apps, and once great, get spotted by the people that matter.

This breakthrough approach to monitoring the market for new apps, evaluation and community adoption has won awards. We conduct reviews for NHS Digital and NHS England is accelerating the uptake of our service across the NHS, placing ORCHA in its National Innovation Accelerator Programme.

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What our customers say

“The Martin Lewis of Health Apps, aiming to boost UK’s health.“- Jonathan Symcox, Business Cloud

"When we saw the ORCHA platform it was a no brainer for us. It provides us with exactly what we need - a website that helps us to find the best apps to meet a patient’s needs, and a tool to deliver the app directly to the patient."

- Dr Chris Mimnagh, Wingate Medical Centre

"I’m fully supportive of ORCHA and of the Pro accounts which allow us to prescribe apps direct to our patients. Health and care apps can offer a huge benefit to patients, really empowering them to manage and improve their health. However there is a huge choice out there (over 300,000!), so ORCHA really helps all involved to understand which are the best and most trustworthy."

- Dr George Dingle, GP in Morecambe Bay

"This is hugely exciting for the people of Lancashire and South Cumbria as well as the health and care professionals who support them, for whom this is a win-win. Assured by ORCHA’s review process and the new Highest Rated Apps in key priority areas we can engage with all of our clinicians, encouraging them to ‘prescribe a health app’ where appropriate."

- Amanda Thornton, Digital Health Clinical Lead

"Speech and Language Therapists need to evolve to be fit for the current digital world. They need to become Digital Practitioners, prescribing digital tools for the health and wellbeing of their patients. Orcha Pro is a fabulous clinical digital tool which SLTs can have in their digital toolkit to prescribe to those need support eg relation and breathing apps to help with voice therapy. I thoroughly recommend the utilisation of the organisation."

- Veronica Southern, Speech and Language Therapist, Lancashire

"Our over stretched and underfunded health service is a very real problem. Orcha is on a mission to increase the trust, understanding and desire for health and care apps among professionals and users, in a big to lift the burden on local services. Additionally, the accessibility of these apps makes them an effective tool for people who find it difficult or are not able to access existing services."

- Founders Pledge 2018

"Apps are a fantastic way of supporting our patients to continue their care and/or rehabilitation outside of our consultation rooms. Lots of our patients want more tools to look after themselves and apps are a really great option."

- Alison Jordan: Chief Information Officer for Nursing & AHPs, Warrington and Halton Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust

"Apps can be used not only as a therapy tool but also as a way to enable our patients to communicate, empowering and giving people a voice."

- Rachael Adamson: SLT at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

"I get patients and their carers bringing in apps all the time, asking what I think; I just don’t know. I use ORCHA to help me know which are safe."

- Rebecca Smith: Specialist SLT, Wirral Community and FT

"The ORCHA reports have helped us to identify where [our] app can be improved, so it's been a really useful thing for us."

- Gina Oliver PhD: Project Manager, Cambridge Digital Health

“Our mobile health app for patients following knee injury and surgery, Curovate, was recently reviewed by ORCHA. I was discouraged to learn we had scored 64%. I carefully reviewed the ORCHA feedback and thought the comments and suggestions were fair and actionable. My team and I addressed the issues highlighted in the very detailed ORCHA review which resulted in a better user experience and a more transparent process of requesting, storing and utilizing user data. The process of review, reflection and modification has ultimately led to a better health care mobile app for all of our users. Throughout this process I found the ORCHA team collaborative, insightful and fair. The team at ORCHA, including Adam McCabe, were very responsive by email and were more than willing to address my question during phone conversations. The whole process really felt like the team at ORCHA were on our side to help create a better health app. Our revised ORCHA score is now 80% and most importantly the process has improved our health care mobile app for people after knee injury and surgery.”

- Nirtal Shah DPT, MPH, MScPT, FCAMPT; Physiotherapist;Cofounder Curovate; University of Toronto

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