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16 Dec 2019

Accessible Apps: Which Languages are Most Supported?


The use of mHealth (mobile health) applications has risen significantly in recent years, not only in industrialised nations, but also in developing countries. The increased use of mobile technology in low- and middle-income countries provides an opportunity for mHealth to improve populations’ access to effective healthcare.


As such, it’s important that mHealth apps are supported in multiple languages. Whether for accessing health information, diagnosing and tracking diseases, and providing details of public health services, ORCHA understands the need for health app which are supported in multiple languages. We review apps developed in many countries across the world, and our Review includes looking at the supported languages that an app can be viewed in or translated into.


What are the top 5 most supported languages for apps on ORCHA’s App Library?


  • English: 3,853 apps on our App Library are available in English
  • German: 355 apps can be translated into or are available in German
  • Spanish: 333 apps on ORCHA’s App Library are accessible in Spanish
  • French: French speakers can access 306 apps on our App Library
  • Italian: 252 apps reviewed by ORCHA are available in or can be translated into Italian


Whilst this suggests that a large proportion of demand for health and care apps comes from European-speaking countries, ORCHA has also reviewed apps that are supported in Chinese (234), Japanese (226), Russian (222), Turkish (103), Arabic (67), Thai (55) and Vietnamese (46). Our App Library supports 36 different languages in total.



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