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01 Jul 2020

Best Apps for Helping Self-Management of Diabetes at Home

As there are 4.7 million people in the UK with diabetes, management of this condition now makes up 10% of the NHS budget.1 Health apps give patients tools to self-manage, reducing pressure on the NHS.
But how do you find the right ones? ORCHA has reviewed 229 diabetes apps, and 82% score below our quality threshold, indicating a market of low quality apps.
Today, Dr Tom Micklewright discusses his views on three apps for managing diabetes that have scored well in ORCHA's Review.



In these videos, Dr Tom Micklewright looks at three top-scoring diabetes apps, giving his opinion on their features, benefits, and areas for improvement.

Intellin app demonstration: Dr Micklewright demonstrates the Intellin app, shares his views, and explores how the app simplifies the management of diabetes and identifies the risk of developing complications. Intellin gives personalised predictions on users’ highest risk areas and provides tips on how to prevent these complications.

Click below to watch the video:



Click here to view ORCHA's review of Intellin on our App Library.



Diabetes Forum app demonstration: Dr Micklewright next looks at the way in which the Diabetes Forum app provides a moderated peer-to-peer support network to people with diabetes (considered vulnerable under COVID-19). This includes elderly people, friends and caregivers. The app can be distributed through a mobile and web app:



Click here to access ORCHA's review of Diabetes Forum on our App Library.



Liva UK app demonstration: For his insight into another top-scoring diabetes app, Dr Micklewright demonstrates how Liva UK provides personalised health coaching programmes to patients at risk of developing, or currently living with, chronic diseases such as Pre and Type 2 Diabetes:



Click here to read ORCHA's review of Liva UK on our App Library.







1) Diabetes UK: Us, diabetes and a lot of facts and stats



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