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12 Sep 2018

Bradford and Craven CCGs Promote Mental Wellbeing with Technology

A new mobile app comparison service is being unveiled by NHS Bradford district and Craven CCGs which will support people with their mental health and wellbeing.


Mental health issues will affect around 155,000 people in the Bradford district and Craven during their lifetime; with approximately 6,200 people needing specialist mental health support.


The CCGs have identified the opportunity for mobile health apps to support their digitally savvy population.

The latest initiative supports mental wellbeing; building it into care delivery, supporting early intervention and helping people to self-care and manage their conditions. This creates a new way to support self-care but doesn’t replace the more traditional ways of accessing mental health services.


To help people find safe apps that will be effective for their health condition, the CCGs have worked with ORCHA to build the free health app comparison site - bradfordandcraven.orcha.co.uk.


ORCHA tests and reviews thousands of apps so patients and professionals can make an informed decision about which ones to download.


The ORCHA app comparison site is not limited to mental health. People can search for other health and care apps to help;


· Stop smoking


· Manage diabetes


· Encourage walking


· Track alcohol and drug use


GPs and other healthcare professionals across the region are being given ORCHA Pro accounts, to enable them to recommend the best apps to support patients by sending them a text message.


Dr Taz Aldawoud, Bradford GP and Clinical Board member at NHS Bradford Districts CCG said:


“Orcha provides me with the confidence to recommend apps to my patients, specific to their needs, knowing it has been through a rigorous assurance process for data/cyber security, clinical effectiveness and taken account of user experience.”


“Being able to recommend an app that can help manage a condition, offer guidance about their lifestyle or provide a tool to improve their self-care is a new and invaluable way of providing that support.”

Jane Patrickson, Practice Nurse, at Westcliffe Medical Practice adds:

“Often, people just need simple, practical help and this app comparison site is easy to use for both patients and health professionals. Phones are a big part of people’s lives and, being able to get advice and practical support as part of their daily routine, can only help to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.”


To visit the comparison site, visit: bradfordandcraven.orcha.co.uk

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