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04 Jun 2019

eGP Learning Reviews ORCHA!

Take a look at eGP Learning’s video on how to prescribe health apps safely using ORCHA. eGP Learning provides a range of services to help with technology-enhanced primary care and learning.


Describing ORCHA as ‘the BNF of applications’, eGP Learning’s YouTube video provides a walk-through of ORCHA’s App Finder and discusses how this can be used by health professionals in order to recommend the best apps for patients.


Hussain ‘DrGandalf’ Gandhi, founder of eGP Learning, demonstrates his use of ORCHA’s app prescription service, including the ease with which he is able to search for and subsequently recommend suitable apps for his patients’ individual health needs.


It is great to see that clinicians and patients are benefitting from our extensive App Library which aims to make digital health accessible to all. ORCHA helps to increase mHealth adoption in healthcare delivery by providing healthcare professionals with the necessary tools to incorporate excellent digital health into everyday practice.



Watch Dr Gandhi’s review of prescribing apps using ORCHA below:




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