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26 Jun 2019

Health Apps in Suicide Prevention with Papyrus Prevention of Young Suicide

Suicide is the biggest killer of under 35s in the UK, making charities like Papyrus vitally important. Papyrus is a national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide. ORCHA has provided Papyrus with their own digital microsite, an online platform that helps young people to manage their mental health.


Papyrus want young people to be able to access information to support them with their suicidal thoughts, and use apps that are safe and secure. Without access to ORCHA’s App Library via Papyrus’ microsite, young people are at risk of downloading apps that could have a negative impact on their health or encourage suicidal behaviour. ORCHA reviews apps according to their clinical effectiveness, data privacy and user experience, ensuring that users will be able to distinguish between safe and unsafe apps, unlike on unregulated app stores.


Watch our video below, where Papyrus discusses how ORCHA’s provision of a digital health tool allows their advisors to recommend apps to the young people directly, thereby providing vulnerable young people with access to safe resources to help manage their health.




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