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04 Jun 2020

How to access your Digital Healthy Schools App Library

Your Digital Healthy Schools Package is an exciting new initiative commissioned by your local council in partnership with ORCHA, to empower young people to embrace and responsibly use apps to support their own health and wellbeing.

DHS gives you the information, support and guidance to help your students explore and understand digital health, and see the real difference it can make to their everyday health and wellbeing.

A reminder of what schools receive in their FREE package:


  • Schools will have access to a customisable Digital Health Hub, lesson plans, assembly PowerPoints and downloadable resources
  • School Staff will be able to recommend health and care apps directly to students and see activation data
  • Students will have access to a powerful App Finder that has thousands of stringently reviewed health and care apps to download safely.


If you would like to access your local Digital Healthy Schools App Library and resources, please get in touch with Saira, Implementation Manager, at saira.arif@orcha.co.uk. Similarly, if you are unsure whether your school has an active DHS package, please email Saira to check before activating.



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