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04 Feb 2020

mHealth 2030 Report

The last decade saw the start of the smartphone revolution. Ten years ago, the iPhone was just three years old, around a quarter of us owned a smartphone, and the term mHealth was first coined. 2020 sees the start of a new decade where 79% of us own a smartphone, and 100% of those ages 16 to 24 have access to the internet via a smartphone. 327,000 health apps have been created and 5 million health apps are downloaded every day.


But, whilst there has been an explosion within the fitness industry and uptake for GP online services have seen fast growth, mHealth is not yet part of the fabric of the NHS, nor is it widely adopted amongst those who could perhaps benefit the most.


We ask worldwide leaders from across mHealth: what will the next decade bring? What will apps deliver by 2030? What will be the biggest barriers faced by the industry? And what do governments need to do to contribute?





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