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25 Jul 2017

Options available to NHS patients when choosing apps

In a new blog post, Trustech investigate the options available to NHS patients, when looking for the right app to help manage their condition.

As Trustech explain:

Patients now have access to a large number of apps to manage or monitor their health.  However, whilst some apps have been developed by clinicians who have ensured that the app is effective and safe; others have not been developed so rigorously.  Hence, patients need a way of identifying those apps that are fit for purpose and don’t expose them to unnecessary risk.

Some of the options for patients to find apps, as explained by Trustech, are through us at ORCHA, the NHS Apps Library (which is still in beta) and My Therappy, which is aimed at stroke and brain injury recovery and rehabilitation.

Read the full article at https://www.trustech.org.uk/news/blog-assessment-of-apps-for-use-by-nhs-patients/

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