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12 Dec 2019

ORCHA CEO elected for techUK Health and Social Care Council

As digital technology continues to increase the possibilities in the health and social care space, organisations like techUK, which represents the companies and technologies that enable these possibilities, become increasingly important.


techUK focuses on helping its members and the digital technology sector to grow by supporting members in:


  • Developing markets – creating innovative solutions in the most significant market areas
  • Developing relationships and networks – building connections with potential customers, partners and suppliers
  • Reducing business costs and risk – identifying key policy issues and providing unique insights to help members remain competitive.


It is thus with delight that we announce Liz Ashall-Payne’s success in being elected as a member of the #healthtechuk Health and Social Care Council for 2020! Through her position on the Council, Liz, ORCHA’s CEO and Co-Founder, will work with the other Council members to guide the work of the programme team, provide a sounding board for activity, and steer the work of techUK in order to represent the healthtech industry in its totality.


Congratulations to everyone who has been elected as a Council member!



Click here to view the full list of techUK’s Health and Social Care Council members.



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