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23 Sep 2020

ORCHA CEO featured in OBI Property’s HealthTech Roundtable

The UK HealthTech sector is worth £36bn and COVID-19 means it is more than likely to grow. The sector attracted £6.2bn from global VC investors over the last five years, and employs 127,400 people, a number which is rising.


How can HealthTech power the North in a post-COVID world, and how will COVID-19 transform the HealthTech sector?


OBI teamed up with award-winning journalist Chris Maguire to hold a roundtable made up of a mix of HealthTech start-ups and more established companies in the sector, to explore these questions and form a picture of the future of HealthTech in the North. ORCHA’s CEO, Liz Ashall-Payne, contributed to the roundtable alongside other leading voices in the industry, to discuss the opportunities facing the HealthTech sector, especially in the North.


Read the full report here.


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