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15 May 2019

ORCHA CEO Interview: Health App Innovators have to “step-up”

Orcha CEO Interview


ORCHA’s CEO, Liz Ashall-Payne, was recently interviewed by MobiHealthNews, in which she discussed the health app landscape. Speaking about the many unregulated health apps on the market, Liz said, “It’s quite a fast-changing landscape of regulation and requirements, and so absolutely we have to support the innovators, but equally, once they’re informed of those requirements, they need to step up.”


ORCHA supports app developers in meeting the constantly changing regulations so that their apps can meet the safest and most effective standards. Liz explains that “When we’ve reviewed an app, we contact the developer and we provide them with a report that tells them exactly what they need to do to be able to show clinical effectiveness, along with all the other relevant standards that they may potentially not be adhering to.”


By enabling app developers to constantly improve their apps and ensure they are meeting regulatory standards, ORCHA simultaneously allows consumers and health professionals to access the best apps for their individual needs. You can search ORCHA’s App Finder here.



Read Liz’s full interview with MobiHealthNews.



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