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20 Mar 2019

ORCHA to Sponsor Royal Society of Medicine Event


ORCHA is sponsoring the Royal Society of Medicine’s ‘Medical Apps: Mainstreaming Innovation’ event on Thursday 4th April 2019. The event will examine the growing role that apps play in healthcare delivery, and the constantly changing regulatory landscape of health apps. This is something we at ORCHA are very passionate about. Whether we are reviewing an app to increase accessibility and trust for consumers, advising app developers on the nuances of app regulation, or providing digital health solutions to CCGs, Local Authorities and healthcare professionals, ORCHA is at the forefront of mHealth adoption in improving health outcomes.


With event speakers including the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock MP, and a number of medical start-ups who will be showcasing the transformative effects of new technologies, ORCHA is delighted to be supporting the Royal Society of Medicine. ‘Medical Apps: Mainstreaming Innovation’ promises to be an exciting event, covering a range of topics:


  • Understanding the current state of the art of medical apps
  • The latest position on regulation and endorsement of medical apps
  • Gaining an appreciation of how to assess the clinical effectiveness of medical apps
  • Understanding of the medicolegal issues around medical app use
  • Reducing the fear, uncertainty and doubt about the use of medical apps.


The Royal Society of Medicine is one of the UK’s major providers of postgraduate medical education, aiming to advance health by becoming a trusted voice in healthcare education and innovation. The RSM exchanges information and ideas on the science, practice and organisation of medicine. This motivation to increase knowledge and trust in the healthcare industry directly aligns with ORCHA’s continual determination to make digital healthcare accessible to everyone. By increasing access to health apps, building awareness of their benefits, and facilitating trust amidst the complex data privacy landscape, ORCHA empowers people and professionals to embrace digital health.


Click here to read more about the RSM’s upcoming event and to buy tickets.



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