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29 Apr 2019

Three Prevention Apps you should know about

ORCHA looks at more than 160 elements of an app, including clinical effectiveness, data security and
patient usability. Here are three top scoring apps that are designed to help patients avoid critical

- Avoiding Diabetes - Liva UK is included within the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention
   Programme. It’s a free app that supports patients in monitoring and managing their lifestyle.
- Skin cancer detection – SkinVision is a class 1 medical device supported by a team of skin
   health professionals, to track and detect skin cancer.
-Suicide prevention – developed by Grassroots Suicide Prevention, Stay Alive is a pocket
  suicide prevention resource, to provide support if you’re having suicidal thoughts, or know
  someone else who is.






Due to our continual re-review process, all app scores are subject to change. As such, we'd always encourage you to view our app reviews on our App Library, as this reflects Live data and app updates which are continuously changing. Our re-review process ensures that the most up-to-date information for the latest version of an app can be accessed via our App Library.



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