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Our Solutions address the key barriers to Digital Health adoption :
Awareness, Access and Trust.

We can provide you with a full suite of solutions to target and activate your communities to embrace these effective innovations.

Trusted Reviews & Accreditation

Our award winning, unique review process can be used to select, endorse or procure the best digital health solution for you.

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“Great platform @OrchaUK . Really transformed things for #citizens and #clinicians.”

- Amanda Thornton, Lancashire Care

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Distribution & Activation

We create locally branded and targeted app libraries.

We help people to MATCH apps to personal preferences and needs.

ORCHA pro means professionals can find, match and prescribe the best solutions to their patients

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"I’m fully supportive of ORCHA and of the Pro accounts which allow us to prescribe apps direct to our patients. Health and care apps can offer a huge benefit to patients, really empowering them to manage and improve their health. However there is a huge choice out there (over 300,000!), so ORCHA really helps all involved to understand which are the best and most trustworthy."

- Dr George Dingle, GP in Morecambe Bay

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Education & Training

Our structured training programmes, both online and in person allows communities to have the knowledge and skill to confidently embrace Digital Health.

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"The Digital Healthy Schools Programme has raised awareness in the local area and provided children with the knowledge of a safe area to access information relating to their health concerns which is great!"

- School Teacher, Digital Healthy Schools Programme

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App Developer Services

ORCHA work with App developers to review, rate and market their products.

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“The independent review ORCHA has undertaken on Brain in Hand we think provides our potential buyers with a real sense of trust and benefits of what we can offer”

- Heather Cook, Brain In Hand

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Consulting & Insights

ORCHA provide support in Digital Health projects, get in touch to learn more.

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- Tim Andrews, Active Essex

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The ORCHA Review

The ORCHA Review process is the most advanced review mechanism for health & care Apps available anywhere.

The ORCHA Review

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